Grooming Room

26 May

Our next priority for the grooming room is a deep, double-sided sink and the plumbing required for its function. After that is accomplished, we will be looking for a grooming table. Preferably hydraulic to accommodate larger animals and reduce physical strain on volunteers and employees.



Exterior Progress

26 May

We have installed some fenced areas for exercising the dogs. We are currently looking into assistance for adding more fenced areas for visitation and extended exercising, especially for times when there are a higher number of dogs at our shelter.

shelter_north_kennel_garage_doors shelter_south_kennel_garage_doors shelter_south_outside

Dog Kennels

26 May

The kennels on one side have gotten gates, while the other side is our next priority.

shelter_south_kennels_with_gates shelter_north_kennels_no_gates

Our Lobby

26 May

In order to open to the public, one of the priority items we are working on is a customer service counter for our lobby. we are also working on shelving and displays for our supplies and gift store area in the lobby.


The small room at the front is our cat room. We will need cat trees and play equipment.

We Have a Washer & Dryer!

26 May


Lobby area construction

21 Jan

Notice epoxy floors.   Shinny and clean lookingjanuary_2013_lobby


Mechanical room water heater area

21 Jan